School Starter Pack — DMW Guide for Guardians and Students

grupa uczniów w szkole na lekcji

One of the conclusions from our September PoMOCna Kawa meetings dedicated to the education of children and youth from Ukraine was the widely prevalent phenomenon of misinformation among parents of Ukrainian students regarding schooling in Poland. Misinformation affects the final decisions of guardians, hence countering it is crucial — publications such as the “School Starter Pack,” initiated by the Wrocław Intercultural Dialogue, assist in this effort.

It is a must-read for all foreign parents — not only those from Ukraine. The guide is divided into two parts: the first is directed to parents and guardians, and the second directly to students. The document also includes a glossary of school terms and ready-made document templates for parent-school communication, such as consent for participation in additional activities or justification for absence.

We are pleased to share these valuable materials and warmly thank the Wrocław Intercultural Dialogue team for the opportunity to publish them.

Currently, the guide is available in two language versions — Polish and Ukrainian. An English version is in preparation (soon available here).