About us


Mapuj Pomoc is an initiative of the To Proste Foundation for the cooperation of the NGO sector. Our mission is to strengthen the coordination of humanitarian aid and cooperation between social organisations. We are creating the largest database of aid points in Poland and Ukraine. We want the organisations associated in our network to be able to make full use of available resources, expand their knowledge and increase the effectiveness of their activities. We advocate and monitor the political, legal, and social situation regarding refugees in Poland.

What we do?

Our activities include:

Mapuj Pomoc mobilises community resources

We are building networks, activating communities, using their resources and knowledge to respond effectively to emergencies. We are currently focusing on the risks of the war in Ukraine, but the social capital we are building and the mapping system may also be used in the future in response to climate or migration crises, etc.

Mapuj Pomoc collects feedback

Through our weekly PoMOCna kawa meetings, we receive continuous feedback from both NGOs and refugees. This allows us to monitor and respond to changing needs and identify key areas of risk and challenge in the humanitarian sphere.

Mapuj Pomoc promotes inclusion and equal access to information

We are committed to equal access to information and humanitarian support for all communities (regardless of gender, race or origin), taking into account the specific needs of the most vulnerable groups (including people with disabilities, older people, LGBTIQ+ people, pregnant women, refugees from outside Ukraine or the Roma community).

Mapuj Pomoc is up-to-date, reliable data available to everyone

Our extensive system of data collection, feedback and constant updating of information allows us to create the largest database of help points in Poland. We provide verified, reliable information that can be used on a daily basis by both aid organisations and people in need.

Mapuj Pomoc supports humanitarian aid coordination and advocacy

We establish partnerships and maintain close relationships with key stakeholders from the Polish government, local governments, local authorities, NGOs and other entities that affect the situation of refugees in Poland and Ukraine. We carry out advocacy activities and influence the development of relevant policies and laws.

Support us

The help map we create and provide is recommended by UNHCR and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. Mapuj Pomoc’s activities are supported by the Union of Polish Cities, the Union of Polish Metropolises, the Union of Polish Ukrainians, the Union of Polish Poviats, the Union of Polish Voivodeships and a number of social and local governmental organisations in Poland and Ukraine. Mapuj Pomoc is a partner of NGO Forum and a member of the Zagranica Group. 

The development of the platform is made possible through the support of Mercy Corps, American Red Cross, OttimoAPPS, Mohi.to and Tech To The Rescue.


zdjęcie fundacja

The To Proste Foundation was established in March 2016. The objectives of the Foundation are to work for the development of civil society and democracy and to promote the development of an open society, opposing attitudes of discrimination, social and economic exclusion and xenophobia, with knowledge of cultural, ethnic and national diversity, respecting human rights and minority rights. The Foundation has a special focus on children in its activities.

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