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What is the Tuesday PoMOCna kawa meeting series?

These are weekly online meetings for people involved in helping Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. The idea was to create a space to exchange contacts, share knowledge and experience, and inform about current needs and challenges. We talk about legal issues, education, integration and adaptation of refugees, fundraising, misinformation, etc. We want to inspire and drive each other to action. We have met more than 40 times so far!

What form do the meetings take?

Meetings are held weekly on Tuesday at 10am and last approximately one hour. We connect online via the Zoom platform or ClickMeeting. Each of our meetings is a unique opportunity to explore a specific topic in a variety of forms:

Once a month, we meet in a Polish-Ukrainian group (meetings are translated) in order to compare perspectives, share observations and ideas in humanitarian and aid work.

Who can take part in the PoMOCna kawa?

We welcome people working in non-governmental organisations and public institutions, as well as volunteers who implement projects to support Ukrainian refugees or provide humanitarian aid on a daily basis.

The meetings are a great opportunity to network and establish cooperation (locally, nationally and internationally). We invite to PoMOCna kawa foundations, associations and local authorities who wish to gain knowledge and skills in the area of developing their organisations and running aid projects to refugees.

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