Olena, a young mother from Zaporozhye, felt lost after arriving in Poland. Thanks to Mapuj Pomoc, she quickly found the nearest centre with medical care for her child and psychological support for herself. Seeing how many support points there were in the area, Olena felt she was not alone. Today, she is regaining her faith in a better future.

Kasia, who works at a refugee support centre, often felt overwhelmed by the enormity and variety of needs. After completing the Mapuj Pomoc instructional training, she gained the tools to provide effective information support. Now, with a coordinated system, she knows where to direct those in need. Refugees find not only shelter, but also financial, medical or psychological support more quickly.

In order to help effectively, we need to know who is offering help, where and to what extent, and who is seeking support. For this, cooperation is essential. 

Mapuj Pomoc is an initiative that builds social capital for times of crisis. We provide advice and information to those in need. We create a contact database for volunteers or social welfare centres. We monitor the political, legal, and social situation regarding refugees in Poland and carry out advocacy activities.

We help organisations from Poland and Ukraine to exchange knowledge and experience.

This enables organisations to reach out more effectively to those in need and refugees to find support more easily.

Create with us a support network of humanitarian and community organisations from all over Poland. Today, we are helping refugees. In the future, we also want to map environmental action. Join us and leave your mark on the Help Map!