“Help Map in Poland – Trends & Changes” – new report

Our latest “Help Map in Poland – Trends & Changes” report has just been published. The data presented follows the second comprehensive update that the Mapuj Pomoc team conducted between August and November 2022. Information on the activities of 1,104 facilities offering support to refugees from Ukraine throughout Poland was checked. The update made it possible to confirm which assistance activities are ongoing, as well as where they are happening and what form they take. It was also verified which institutions had completed previously declared projects or changed the profile of assistance to refugees.

What are the findings of the Mapuj Pomoc database update?

The report shows that the situation presented on the help map is changeable and dynamic. Out of a total of 1,375 mapped facilities by the end of November, 1,009 points remained in operation. The lack of equal distribution of aid in Poland is evident in all available statistics. The Mazowieckie voivodeship, with 260 active assistance points, beats the Małopolskie voivodeship twice (119 points, the second highest number of assistance points), and Lubuskie (17 points), Podlaskie (27 points) or Zachodniopomorskie (34 points) by almost 9 -10 times.

Over the past nine months, 37 facilities were closed in the Silesian region, 30 in the Lodz region and 27 in the Opole region. These figures are similar to those in the Mazowieckie voivodeship but in the above three regions they mean a reduction in the number of available aid facilities by 20 – 50%.

Download the Mapuj Pomoc report

To check out the details, find out the exact statistics, and read about the trends and observations of the Mapuj Pomoc team, feel free to download the full report available below. We will be very grateful for spreading the word on your websites and social media.

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