Situation of Ukrainian refugees 50+. Right to Protection letter to the Ombudsman

The Ukrainian Right to Protection Foundation is a charitable organisation that focuses its activities on providing assistance to Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced persons, persons under temporary protection, persons in need of international protection, stateless persons, as well as those at risk of statelessness and undocumented persons. Since the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Foundation has been monitoring the situation regarding the protection of the rights of internally displaced persons, providing legal assistance and implementing a growing number of humanitarian activities in Ukraine.

Right to Protection addresses the Polish Ombudsman for the second time (you can read the first letter here). This time they address the situation of elderly people from Ukraine in Poland:

  • communicating the revision of the law on legal residence for refugees in a way that is accessible to older people,
  • the need for long-term solutions,
  • support for refugees in daily activities.

Read the letter below: