Letter from the Right to Protection Foundation and the Migration Consortium – legal situation of refugees after 4 March 2024

młotek i paszport z Ukrainy

The Ukrainian Right to Protection Foundation is a charitable organisation that focuses its activities on providing assistance to Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced persons, persons under temporary protection, persons in need of international protection, stateless persons, as well as persons at risk of statelessness and undocumented persons. Since the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Foundation has been monitoring the situation regarding the protection of the rights of internally displaced persons, providing legal assistance and implementing a growing number of humanitarian activities in Ukraine.

In August 2023, Right to Protection, in cooperation with the Migration Consortium, sent a letter to the Minister of Education and the Ombudsman describing the legal situation of refugees after 4 March 2024, pointing out the following issues:

  • the current Act does not provide for the possibility to apply for a temporary residence permit for a child under temporary protection in Poland, even though the parent may apply for such a permit;
  • the need to plan as early as possible for legislative action concerning Ukrainian persons in Poland;
  • the legal status of Ukrainian students in Poland.

Please see the full letter below.