Electricity — information for people in Ukraine

Due to the destruction of critical infrastructure, people in Ukraine are forced to face ongoing shortages of electricity and heat. To help minimize the inconvenience caused by ongoing outages, we have prepared a brief overview of the most important initiatives and helpful tools to use for everyday problems.

“Пункти Незламності” and a map of locations active despite power failures

One of the Ukrainian government’s key initiatives is a project to map ‘Points of Indestructibility’ (Пункти Незламності), i.e. safe places to use in the event of long power blackouts. There one can warm up, charge electrical equipment, use a first aid kit and rest. In addition, the points offer access to water, light, internet or a mobile network – the closest one in the area can be found using a special chatbot on Telegram. Each person can open their own ‘point of indestructibility’ and add it to the map via a survey on the project website.

A map of places that are open despite power failures allows you to find places with autonomous power supply. These include cafés, shops, coworking spaces, coffee shops, hair salons, pharmacies, petrol stations, post offices, medical centres and others. Via the form, it is possible to add your own business point to the map.

Searching for information about outages

Getting information on current outages is possible by using search engines or by contacting special chatbots via Telegram. A few such tools are:

Internet access vs. lack of electricity

The lack of electricity is associated with the lack of Internet, but various initiatives are responding by implementing solutions. How do you get access to the web despite a power outage?

  • Zones with free Wi-Fi – around 700 points provided by the Ukrtelecom network in Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkiv. In the event of an outage, it will be possible to use the network for two to four hours.
  • SvitloSpot – allows you to find a place to work with light and internet
  • How to connect the internet at home without light – the article describes various ways to get online in the event of a power outage.

Power generators

In situations involving power shortages, various devices such as batteries or powerbanks that can be charged beforehand or while driving are helpful. One solution that provides a constant source of electricity is a generator.

  • Information on purchasing a power generator in Poland – The portal Ukrainian in Poland has collected information on offers for the sale of generators available on the internet and their transport from Poland to Ukraine (transporting the generator is free of customs duties max. weight is 50 kg, max. value 500 euro) some services offer deliveries to Ukraine.
  • The Ministry of Health Protection in Ukraine warns about the safety and risk of use in situations involving the use of aggregates. It recommends the purchase of affordable equipment to test the presence of gas concentration in the room.

Energy-saving light bulbs

An optional improvement to relieve the load on the Ukrainian power grid is the replacement of incandescent light bulbs with modern LED equivalents. To this end, the ‘Replacement of incandescent bulbs’ programme at Diia.pl was established.

Since the start of the massive shelling, Ukraine has been experiencing a shortage of electricity. According to Укренерго, up to 40% of energy is consumed by households. One of the main sources of increased load on the power grid are old incandescent lamps […] – they consume 8 times more energy than modern lamps. Therefore, anyone with such incandescent lamps can reduce consumption free of charge by replacing them with energy-saving LEDs.

About the “Light Bulb Replacement” programme

Information and recommendations

Everyone can give Ukraine a bit of warmth

The response of Polish organizations to the blackout problems in Ukraine is the mass creation of trench candles. Such an action was carried out by, among others, Foregin Front, Caritas Gniezno or the Q Foundation. You can make such a candle yourself – we provide a video tutorial (one of many available on the Internet).