14 chatbots that make life easier for people from Ukraine

In this article, we present a list of 14 chatbots available for residents of Ukraine. From topics related to law, health, and education to assistance in finding housing and solving everyday problems – these chatbots provide support that makes functioning easier in the challenging reality of war.

Support at your fingertips: Telegram bots assist citizens of Ukraine

Chatbots are playing an increasingly important role in communication with public institutions, social organizations, and volunteers. These advanced tools, based on artificial intelligence, are designed to streamline citizens’ interactions. They offer rapid assistance in specialized areas. Thanks to chatbots, Ukrainian residents can more easily access information, submit applications, solve problems, and use public services more efficiently.

Here are 14 tested and current chatbots useful in Ukraine. The links lead to accounts on Telegram, Viber, or Messenger. Once clicked, you can start asking questions immediately.

  • @Doradca_prawny – offers legal advice for internally displaced persons and others affected by the war in Ukraine. It assists in understanding one’s rights and finding answers to difficult questions.
  • @safe_space_ua_bot – provides information about the nearest shelters in the area, ensuring safety in crisis situations.
  • @FastAid_bot – supports those in need of first aid tips. It guides step by step on how to act in various injuries and medical situations, such as loss of consciousness, epileptic seizure, suspected stroke, chest pain, and many others. It also operates via Viber.
  • @IWillBeMother_bot – the “I Will Be a Mother” chatbot is a tool for expectant mothers. Through it, they can learn about the necessary tests and find the nearest hospital. It also directs to places where free services can be obtained.
  • @CalendarUA_Bot – the “Calendar of Healthy Ukrainians” chatbot is a tool for every citizen of Ukraine. It informs about examinations tailored to age and health status and also suggests how to get them for free.
  • @turbotnyk_bot – 24/7 helps displaced persons find a temporary home and available support at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which serve as care centers, providing medical and psychological support.
  • @nampodorozi_bot – for those looking for intercity transport, this chatbot helps find a car. It’s a communication tool connecting drivers with passengers.
  • @EducationUaBot – provides all the necessary information about training and the educational process in Ukraine and abroad. Information is gathered by regions and levels of education.
  • @SpytaiGrytsia_bot – this chatbot ensures that every person in Ukraine has access to treatment and medicines under the “Affordable Drugs” program. Under this program, one can obtain about 350 medicines for free or with a subsidy, used in treating cardiovascular diseases, prevention of heart attacks and strokes, bronchial asthma, type II diabetes, diabetes insipidus, and also mental or behavioral disorders.
  • @MZSUkraine_bot – this is the chatbot of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It supports citizens abroad, providing information on entry rules, issuing temporary protection, returning to the country, social insurance, and consular services.
  • @stopdrugsbot – the StopRussia | MRIYA chatbot aids in combating disinformation and accounts supporting the invader. With its help, you can block channels on Telegram, YouTube, Facebook groups, or Instagram profiles that spread disinformation, and any information about the location of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • @FamilySearch – A tool that helps to find missing relatives and restore contact between families.
  • @DimKharkivBot – the official chatbot of the Kharkiv City Council provides information about damage caused by wartime actions in the city. Those who left Kharkiv can check no more than five addresses a day. It answers questions like whether the house is damaged; if there is electricity, water, and gas; if the basement floor and entrance are destroyed.
  • @eVrog – a chatbot through which you can track the movement of Russian troops and report your observations. The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation encourages: “See the occupiers or their equipment? Immediately write about it to the bot. Together we will gather evidence and quickly counter the attack.

Thanks to solutions based on artificial intelligence, Ukrainian citizens have access to support in various areas of life. Not only chatbots are helpful, but also maps and databases. For example, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created an interactive world map with useful information for Ukrainian citizens planning to go abroad. On it, you can find countries that are willing to accept refugees from Ukraine. Follow Mapuj Pomoc to stay up to date with useful tools!