We recommend the Child Mind Institute’s guide

Child Mind Institute – an independent U.S. nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children and families who are struggling with mental disorders, recently prepared a special guide: “How to Help Children Survive Traumatic Events.” It will be extremely helpful for, among others, teachers, educators or caregivers who work with children with refugee experience.

How to help Ukrainian children with refugee experience?

The Child Mind Institute guidebook was developed by psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts who specialize in crisis situations. It provides simple guidance on what to expect when faced with a child trauma, what to do in such a situation and what to look out for. You can find general suggestions, as well as information tailored to the specific age of the child (0-2 years, 2-5 years, 6-11 years, 12-18 years).

Read and download guidebook

Below we share the content of the guidebook:

Other free materials on the experience of trauma

On the Child Mind Institute’s website you can find other helpful materials in selected languages (including Polish, English and Ukrainian). We encourage you to use them.