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MUDITA – Asystentura Mobilna – KRAKÓW | MUDITA – Mobile Assistance – KRAKÓW

Dworska 1, Kraków, Polska
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MUDITA – Asystentura Mobilna – KRAKÓW | MUDITA – Mobile Assistance – KRAKÓW

Dworska 1, Kraków, Polska


for refugees with disabilities, special needs and their families. 


Since the escalation of the war in Ukraine, people have been coming to Poland looking for a safe haven for themselves and their families. These include people from particularly vulnerable groups who additionally face disabilities, chronic diseases or health problems of themselves or family members. Sometimes healthy people, being in a mental crisis, are also unable to cope with necessary matters on their own. 


Finding yourself in a new reality without knowing the city, language, health care rules or legal regulations is a big challenge, especially when there are special needs related to your own or family members’ disabilities. 


Responding to the needs of people with special needs, we provide them with the support of mobile assistants. 


  • Assistance in arranging medical and rehabilitation appointments and consultations,
  • Accompanying and interpreting during visits to the doctor or in medical, rehabilitation and official institutions,
  • Assistance in handling official matters, e.g. related to legalization of stay, obtaining PESEL, passport, UKR status 
  • Assistance in filling in and submitting documents and applications and dealing with the necessary formalities, including obtaining a disability certificate
  • Polish-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Polish translations
  • Assistance in getting to specified place
  • Information assistance – explaining the principles of operations of system solutions and cultural differences 


A request for help from the Assistant can be submitted via the Hotline.



Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00

+48 539 866 471

[email protected] 


The assistance is available in the three cities:


Warsaw – Oksana

Kraków – Viktoria 

Poznań: – Anton 


Oksana, Viktoria and Anton communicate in both Ukrainian and Polish and know the city where they help well. They share their experience and knowledge about cultural differences, systemic solutions, and the functioning of offices and other institutions in Poland. 


Thanks to such help, people who have just arrived from Ukraine to Poland:

  • have a greater chance of effectively handling necessary official or health-related matters,
  • gain psychological comfort, a sense of security and being understood,
  • feel less worried about the language barrier, cultural differences or the need to find their way in a new place and situation. 


Text about our assistant from Warsaw:


An article about information support and assistantship:

Our project is sponsored thanks to: GFFO, CARE, PAH

Category of aid

Health Care
  • Information (helplines, websites)
Information Sources
  • General Information
Other Support
  • Translation / Language Assistance
Country / Region:
  • Poland
  • Lesser Poland province

Who is the help for?

Age group
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Elderly
Support for vulnerable groups
  • People with disabilities

Activity details

  • Stowarzyszenie Mudita
Form of legal activity
  • non governmental organization
Mode of operation
  • in-person
Assistance offered in language
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian
Period of operation
  • permanent operation


Phone number
Date of last data update
  • 6 March 2024

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