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Fundacja Czas Kobiet | The Time for Women Foundation

al. Marcinkowskiego 24, Poznań, Polska
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Fundacja Czas Kobiet | The Time for Women Foundation

al. Marcinkowskiego 24, Poznań, Polska

The Time for Women Foundation

The Time for Women Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting women whose rights are violated and those experiencing various forms of violence: physical, psychological, economic, sexual, and cyber violence. Our assistance is free, comprehensive, professional, and tailored to the individual needs of each client. We operate primarily in Poznań and the Greater Poland region, being the most specialized organization in this area.

Forms of Support

Our support begins with individual consultations with a first contact specialist, which can take place at the foundation’s office or over the phone during our daily eight-hour duty. Following this, we offer:

  • Psychological counseling: weekly sessions for a period of 3 months.
  • Legal consultations.
  • Career counseling and coaching.
  • Cybersecurity consultations.
  • Support groups: weekly meetings.
  • Empowerment and strengthening workshops.

Who We Help

Our activities are directed towards all adult women, regardless of their age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic and national origin, religion, or lack thereof.

Our Goals

The main goal of The Time for Women Foundation is to counteract all forms of violence and discrimination against women and their social exclusion. We aim to create conditions that allow women to enjoy their human rights.

In addition to our support activities, we also conduct intervention and advocacy work, as well as educational and cultural activities.

Intervention and Advocacy Activities

The foundation also conducts intervention activities to defend women’s rights and works on legislative changes. We conduct advocacy activities as part of the “Our Ombudsman” initiative, which is a coalition of social organizations, activists, and activists working with the Ombudsman. We strengthen civil society, grassroots initiatives, and actions. We ensure the independence of the Ombudsman’s Office and build its social support. Together with the Ombudsman and the Office of the Ombudsman, we advocate for respect for civil rights and systemic solutions for individuals and social groups at risk of exclusion. We are the voice of those who cannot advocate for their rights themselves.

Cultural and Educational Activities

We organize projects, training sessions, and webinars, including for companies. We conduct extensive educational and cultural activities, including our own Time For Women Gallery and Feminist Library. In our Time for Women Gallery, exhibitions, concerts, happenings, and author meetings are regularly held, promoting art created by women.

An important part of our activity is educational actions (such as counteracting gender stereotypes and prejudices), empowering actions directed at women: free workshops, training sessions, lectures. Expert organizations have found that some of the most effective actions directed at women, aimed at leveling the playing field between women and men by filling in the deficits women have due to socialization and socio-cultural-economic conditions, are empowering actions that help women regain, uncover strength, power, and resources (thus strengthening women in their psychological and emotional resources).

Scope of Activity

We accept over 30 new clients monthly, including refugees from Ukraine, providing approximately 150 individual consultations. Our team consists of over 40 volunteers and specialists, including lawyers, psychotherapists, psychologists, coordinators, and a cybersecurity specialist. This ensures the continuity of the help we offer. We regularly conduct internal training for our staff and continuous supervision for the support team.


We also collaborate with local institutions and organizations to create and develop standards and procedures for counteracting violence.


Duty phone: +48 577 998 112, email: [email protected], website:

The Time for Women Foundation is a place where every woman will find support, help, and understanding in difficult times, as well as the opportunity for personal and professional development in a safe and supportive community.

Category of aid

  • Training & Workshops
Information Sources
  • Psychological Support
  • Gender-based Violence / Domestic Violence
Country / Region:
  • Poland
  • Greater Poland province

Who is the help for?

Age group
  • Adults

Activity details

  • Fundacja Czas Kobiet
Form of legal activity
  • non-governmental organization
Mode of operation
  • in-person
Assistance offered in language
  • Polish
Period of operation
  • permanent operation


Phone number
Organization website
Date of last data update
  • 21 May 2024

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