Monika Miłowska Candidate for the NIW-CRSO Council

Recruitment is ongoing for members of the Council of the National Freedom Institute – Center for the Development of Civil Society. One of the candidates is Monika Miłowska – President of the To Proste Foundation and the originator and implementer of the Mapuj Pomoc initiative. We kindly ask for your support by filling out a declaration.

How to Express Your Support?

  1. Download the declaration [in Polish]: HERE
  2. Fill out the declaration in the electronic version.
  3. PSign the declaration in accordance with the representation method of the organization using ePUAP – trusted profile (or qualified electronic signature).
  4. Send the signed declaration to the address: [email protected] by January 18, 2024 (Thursday).

For substantive and organizational matters related to the election of Monika Miłowska to the NIW Council, contact: [email protected].

For 17 years of dedicated work in the non-governmental sector, Monika Miłowska has earned the trust of the sector through her openness to social and community needs. The President of the To Proste Foundation is a graduate of the Human Rights Law School HFPC and, as an academic lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (Postgraduate Studies in Humanitarian Aid), she has initiated and implemented numerous educational projects in the field of sustainable development, particularly focusing on supporting vulnerable groups. With her knowledge and experience, she strengthens the strategic development of organizations and networks of social organizations, including serving pro bono as a Member of the Board of WWF Poland (since 2020), a Member of the Management Board of the Zagranica Group (since 2023), a Member of the NGO Forum Advisory Body (since 2023), and actively participating in advocacy activities of SOS for Education.

Monika particularly proved her leadership abilities in 2022, when she created and developed the Mapuj Pomoc initiative, establishing the largest database in Poland connecting local and national non-governmental organizations from all over the country.  

As the creator of Mapuj Pomoc, she is also significantly engaged in multi-sectoral advocacy activities, especially in the areas of psychological support, education, migration, and refugee assistance.

We are convinced that Monika’s experience, knowledge, and commitment will bring immense value to NIW-CRSO.