Materials for organizations: How to use Mapuj Pomoc

The premise of the Mapuj Pomoc platform is to map all assistance initiatives working for Ukrainian refugees in Poland and internally displaced persons in Ukraine. Within a year of starting the initiative, we added 1,600 help points and conducted three data updates in our database. We reached out to 100,000 refugees. We actively strive to ensure that the data collected in our database is accurate and up-to-date. We also aim to make it intuitive and convenient to use, so we have prepared short tutorials for organizations using our database.

A concise guide in a clear graphical form presents the functionalities of the website

Video tutorial and graphic guide

To optimize and facilitate the use of Mapuj Pomoc as a daily work platform with the refugee community, we added new functionalities to the site (e.g., the ability to create and save lists). However, these are not all the new options on the site. To facilitate navigation through Mapuj, we have prepared instructional materials in two forms. You will learn, among other things:

  • how to register and create an account on the Mapuj Pomoc platform,
  • how to add colleagues to the organization’s profile,
  • how to create helpful lists related to a specific form of assistance provided in a particular place (e.g., psychological help in Warsaw, Education in Kielce, Shelters in Krakow), and then conveniently save or print them,
  • how to add a new point on the map,
  • how to comment on actions or data about other organizations.

For those who are just getting acquainted with our initiative, we recommend an animation showing what Mapuj Pomoc is. You can find this and other materials here:

  • What is Mapuj Pomoc? – here we talk about our initiative;
  • Mapuj Pomoc – video tutorial for organizations – tutorial on our YouTube channel;
  • User manual for the platform – we have included comprehensive information on how to use the various functions. You can download the instructions as a PDF.