Mapuj Pomoc information campaign – materials to download

Our nationwide information campaign is just getting started! Read what its main aim is and how it will be carried out. Below, we also provide a set of promotional materials that you can download and share on social media or on your website. We encourage not only Mapuj Pomoc organizations and institutions to do so, but anyone who would like to support our activities.

Aim of the campaign

The main objective of our campaign is to raise awareness among Ukrainian refugees and refugee women about where to find a specific type of support (psychological, legal, medical, etc.) in any region of Poland. We want to reach out with information about Mapuj Pomoc especially to people in the process of relocation – those who leave reception and temporary residence points and move to other areas of our country. In our database (which is growing all the time), those in need can now find more than 1,000 centres of material and service assistance. This is why Mapuj Pomoc is an extremely effective tool for them, enabling them to find out quickly and easily where a particular type of support is offered and under what conditions it can be used.

promotional materials on the desk

Partners and campaign process

We are launching our campaign at 120 reception, information and integration points. We are supported by our partners Mercy Corps, Americares, CultureLab Foundation, Wolskie Centrum Kultury, Tropem Przygody Social Cooperative, Family Support Home for Ukrainian Refugees, Hope Foundation, City of Chelm and Question Mark Social Action Office, to whom we are very grateful for their involvement.

As part of the campaign, our posters illustrating the aid map we have created and are developing all the time will appear all over the country in places regularly visited by refugees from Ukraine. We have also prepared special information materials. We are posting them below and strongly encourage you to use them freely in social media posts and accounts, as well as in website content.

Information material to download

Add an icon/logo with a link to Mapuj Pomoc on your website

If your organization/institution is in our Mapuj Pomoc database – feel free to download the ready-made Mapuj Pomoc icons/logos and place them on your page with a link to our MAP. The icon would work great in a social media view as another link.