Mapuj Pomoc in “Magazyn Metropolitalny”

The Mapuj Pomoc initiative was once again appreciated in the local government media! The material Easier helping with MAPUJPOMOC.PL published in “Magazyn Metropolitalny” presents the benefits of professionalization of social assistance management at the local level thanks to modern tools – such as our platform.

The text analyzes Mapuj Pomoc as modern tools influencing the professionalization of social assistance management at the local level. It was indicated that:

  • Mapuj Pomoc plays a key role in coordinating aid activities, enabling entities to add information about available projects.
  • Local government entities appreciate the impact of the social campaign “Open Cities and Villages – mapping and cooperation for Ukraine” and its recognition at the local and international level.
  • Our successful cooperation with the local government of Kielce was mentioned as a positive example. Thanks to it, the platform has been enriched with a number of aid points from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, as well as experience in cooperation with a dynamically operating city.
  • Mapuj Pomoc is presented as a tool that provides valuable support for communes, cities and villages in Poland. This is confirmed by the growing interest in training and meetings organized by the Mapuj Pomoc team.

Magazyn Metropolitalny serves to provide current information on the activities of the Krakow Metropolis, ongoing projects, good practices and examples of activities of individual municipalities for the benefit of metropolitan cooperation.

An extended version of the text can also be found on the website of the Krakow Metropolis.

Feel invited to read the new issue of MM in full at this link.