Looking for a job in Poland – helpful tips

From the latest report carried out by the District Branches of the National Bank of Poland, “The living and economic situation of refugees from Ukraine in Poland”, we learn that refugees and female refugees included among the assistance measures that would make it easier for them to continue their stay in our country the following: the organization of Polish language courses, support in accessing health services and… in finding a job quickly. With this in mind, we decided to compile some information that we hope will prove helpful in the job search process.

Advertising services for people from Ukraine

Following the arrival of refugees from across the eastern border, job advertising websites have launched special tabs that are primarily aimed at Ukrainian refugees seeking employment. These include, for example:

  • Site “Job in Poland” – the official government service with job offers in Polish, Ukrainian and English. The offers are taken, among others, from the largest online job boards, as well as the government portal: praca.gov.pl
  • Platform “Science for Ukraine” – an international database with job advertisements for students and academics from Ukraine.

In addition, it is also worth checking such portals and groups as:

Free career guidance services

There are quite a few NGOs and institutions in Poland that offer free career counselling services for people from Ukraine. You can find them in our search engine by typing in the category: JOB SEARCH ASSISTANCE. We currently have more than 100 such institutions in the Mapuj Pomoc database.

Local initiatives are also worth following. Often these are free meetings with careers advisors (we try to cover them in our coverage on Instagram – @mapujpomoc).

Other materials and sources

Finally, some information to help broaden your knowledge of looking for a job in Poland and to help you develop your career.

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