Learning Polish – free courses and materials

The language barrier is one of the problems faced by Ukrainian refugees who come to our country. Free Polish language lessons, which are organized by many organizations and institutions (also during the holiday season), are certainly extremely helpful. In addition, quite a lot of free materials can already be found on the Internet, which are able to facilitate self-study. Here are some valuable tips on the subject.

Free Polish lessons – check out our database!

In our database you will find many organizations that provide language support. If you want to check out where you can get free Polish language lessons, just look at our map and choose the appropriate type of assistance needed/offered (category: “Polish language learning”).

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Free materials to learn Polish language

Below is a brief summary of the most important sources where you can find helpful material in the form of manuals, courses and video content.

🔹The textbook “Raz, dwa, trzy i po polsku mówisz Ty!” for learning Polish for children in Ukraine in 5 volumes, which was published jointly by the forces of the Warsaw University Publishing House, the Wolność i Demokracja Foundation and the Centre for Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners “Polonicum” of the University of Warsaw, and in cooperation with the Methodological Centre in Drohobych. To download it, simply fill in the short form.


🔹Polish for beginners – video course. The project was created in collaboration between the Polish Embassy in Brasilia and the University of Silesia. It is implemented by the School of Polish Language and Culture and the Department of International Polish Studies of the University of Silesia.

🔹The free course “Poland for beginners and intermediate learners” is a practical Polish language course for people going to Poland from Ukraine. Available on the NAVOIKA platform, prepared by the Ignatianum Academy in Kraków. The 24 course modules include: learning useful words and expressions related to everyday, life situations, learning how to communicate effectively in banks, offices, when setting up your own business or looking for a job, etc.

🔹A collection of Polish language grammar exercises for Ukrainian-speaking students (level A1-B1), provided by the ABSOLWENT Socio-Economic Association.

🔹 Polish language teaching materials for adults and children provided by the Office for Foreigners.

🔹Free multilingual online platform that combines learning Polish with knowledge of Polish culture and everyday life.

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🔹Ukrainian-Polish and Polish-Ukrainian phrasebooks, first words in pictures for children, Polish learning materials for Ukrainian speakers provided by Edgard Publishing House.

🔹 Polish language – Польська мова, YouTube channel.