Join the Refugee Response Plan 2024

To ensure coordinated assistance in a consistent and complementary manner among various entities working on behalf of refugees. UNHCR directs the development of the Refugee Response Plan, which aims to support the governments of host countries receiving refugees. The RRP serves as a foundation for the implementation of strategies and actions, and also supports the situation of refugees in close cooperation with the governments of the receiving countries and other partners.

The RRP provides a platform and tools for proper planning and coordination of actions between agencies, increases the scale and quality of the assistance provided, and is a tool for raising funds for partners, standardizing the profile of actions in accordance with the strategies of the host government. Until September 29th, there is an opportunity to join the RRP 2024.

Who Can Become a Partner of the RRP?

Partners of the RRP can include, among others, UN agencies, international and national non-governmental organizations, IFRC and Red Cross/Red Crescent associations, faith-based organizations, academic institutions, regional organizations, community-based organizations, and refugee-led organizations.

How to Join the Refugee Response Plan 2024?

To express interest in joining the RRP 2024, please send an email to [email protected], with the subject line: 2024RRP_NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION and include:

  • The name of the organization.
  • The total (estimated) appeal budget for 2024 (there’s no need to break it down by sectors).
  • The full name and contact details (email/phone number, if possible) of the person who will be informed about the next steps.

Further details will be provided to organizations that express interest. All questions regarding the RRP for 2024 should be directed to the same e-mail adress.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Partner of the RRP?

Shaping Advocacy: Without a diversified RRP partnership, particularly one that includes national NGOs, community-based organizations (CBOs), refugee-led organizations, and faith-based organizations, policy issues concerning refugee protection would be considerably less efficient and effective. By joining the RRP, you will help shape advocacy efforts supporting refugees – both in Poland and on the international stage.

Visibility/Resource Mobilization: The Refugee Response Plan is an international call for solidarity, not a fund. This means that submitting a budget does not guarantee that it will be funded, but the RRP is widely disseminated among humanitarian donors. Being a partner of the RRP thus provides greater visibility to organizations and helps build trust among donors, as they prefer coordinated actions aimed at reducing resource duplication. You can also enhance the visibility and influence of your organization by contributing to the collective work of a working group or even co-leading a working group.

Access to Information and Knowledge Sharing: Within the RRP, data and information curated by various sectors, working groups, and networks are regularly shared. By joining the RRP, you will be able to actively participate in the creation of these key insights.

Source of information: UNHCR