Join the Flame of Solidarity with Ukraine!

24 February marks the one-year anniversary of the Russian regime’s aggression against our sisters and brothers from Ukraine. A year is passing of their heroic stand, their tenacious fight in defence of their home and homeland. In defence of a normal life in a sovereign country. The fate of the Ukrainians depends on their determination and courage, faced with fatigue and despair, but a lot also depends on the reaction of the world, Europe, Poland – Polish women and men.

On the tragic and heroic anniversary of 24 February, we propose to light bonfires to symbolize that our indignation at those who murder Ukraine and our admiration for its defenders does not go out. Neither does the flame of our solidarity and our commitment to help our refugee sisters and brothers.

Płomień Solidrności logo w 3 wersjach językowych

Let’s light the fire at 4am

On the sign of Rzeszów, the first rescuer city, bonfires will be lit in many places in Poland. They will also appear on the Internet, and thus the “Flame of Solidarity from Poland” will reach the whole world, including Ukraine. Let us light this fire on Friday 24 February at 5:00 a.m. Eastern European Time (4:00 a.m. Polish time), as at this hour, Putin’s army attacked Ukraine.

Those who wish to join the action are invited to register the event ➡️ at this link.

You can find the locations of the fires on our map ➡️

Hold on, sister!

“The Flame of Solidarity” is accompanied by the initiative “Hold on, sister!”. We are collecting wishes and words of support (both individual and group) in the form of text (longer statements, poems, quotes), video, image, drawing, etc. We will put them on different boards or in frames (in the original language for the country they will come from, as well as in translation into Ukrainian), one for each organization (or person/entity). Furthermore, we will collect the works on 24 February and make an exhibition in the Rzeszów Cellars. Later on, they will be sent to various places in Ukraine.

What do you need to do as an organizer?

The organizer can be anyone and everyone who has the willingness to make a little sacrifice to get up before dawn, which will be at 6:34 AM that day.

We encourage activists of social organizations, local authorities, any person with a social or artistic imagination, people to whom the fate of Ukraine is particularly dear, including Ukrainians who are in our country.

Anyone wishing to join the Solidarity Flame should fulfil eight conditions:

  1. Report the event to the municipality as a so-called ordinary assembly – in a simplified manner (without disturbing traffic). Include the name of the organizer(s), his/her phone number and e-mail address, a description of the assembly (date, place, duration, number of participants). This should be done by 22 February at the latest, better on Monday 21 February (here are guidelines for reporting assemblies).
  2. Designate a safe yet attractive campfire site (e.g. by a river or lake) with easy access. Please note that many municipalities have designated campfire sites, or you can consult the municipal authorities.
  3. Prepare a supply of wood for a minimum two-hour campfire so that it will last until dawn.
  4. Take care of warm clothing, a thermos of hot tea, something to eat, thermal blankets, etc.
  5. Be careful when lighting and maintaining a fire, responding firmly to any irresponsible ideas (some good advice here).
  6. Invite friends to the event by phone, email and social media (e.g. FB event).
  7. Suggest and encourage others to prepare a programme for the event, e.g. sing the “Red Kalina”, develop slogans, raise shouts such as “Slava Ukrajini, herojam sława!”.
  8. Add the hashtag #PlomienSolidarnosci to posts and coverage of the event and tag the organisers @mapujpomocpl, @fundacja_inna_przestrzen, @rzeszow.artcity to spread coverage of the event as widely as possible.

Appeal for help

Mapuj Pomoc has patronized the ‘Bus for Ukraine’ fundraiser. The LifeBus Foundation is donating a bus to Ukraine. It would be a waste if it travelled empty – especially as it can carry up to 6 tonnes of humanitarian aid. We need support to fill the vehicle with the donations needed:

  • Power generators
  • Medical supplies (bandages, tourniquets, dressings, pain and cold medicines)
  • Food with a long shelf life and instant meals (Chinese soups, hot cups, etc.).
  • Baby food (porridge, sweets)
  • Hygiene items, wet wipes
  • Warm sleeping bags and sleeping pads
  • Thermo-active underwear
  • Pampers for adults (for severely injured and disabled) and children

In the early morning of 24 February 2023 in Warsaw and Gdynia, donations can also be brought individually as part of the Flame of Solidarity campaign. Details can be found here.

Materials to download

To promote the event, participants can use graphic materials in Polish, Ukrainian and English available for free download here:

niebieskie strzałki z napisem obok

The initiators of the Flame of Solidarity with Ukraine campaign are: