Help for animals from Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has affected not only people but also our companions – domestic pets, farm animals, as well as those without a specific home. Many refugees have taken their four-legged friends with them on their trip to Poland, but quite a few of them have simply been left behind, unattended. We have to remember that animals are also victims of the war, so below we’d like to present you with important information and advice on the help that’s available for our small friends.

Rules of bringing in animals from Ukraine to Poland

Currently, the rules for importing animals from Ukraine into Poland are the same as for the rest of the European Union. You can find more details on this subject here.

“9 Lives” — a film about evacuation and living with animals during the war

The following documentary (available in Ukrainian and Russian) tells the stories of volunteers who took care of more than just themselves and their families in the first days after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. It brings you closer to the realities of transporting animals (not only domestic ones, but also ZOO-kept ones) from active war zones.

Help for an animal from Ukraine in Poland

  1. Animal Welfare Service in Poland: emergency number +48 22 353 50 60 for reporting cases of animal neglect (all around Poland)
  2. Animal shelters: those available in your area, you can find here.
  3. Facebook groups – this is a space for individuals to add information about the need for support, such as food or medicine.

Help for an animal staying in Ukraine

  1. UAnimals – after February 24, the organization is involved in, among other things, the evacuation of animals left behind in Ukraine and taking care of those left behind. On the website, there is a form for helping pets that are in areas covered by warfare/liberated ones.
  2. Кожен має Другий Шанс and Help to the Ukrainian Animals – a grassroots community of Ukrainians that helps animals. On a daily basis, there are posts about the need for help in the form of food, medicine, a sitter – you can also add a notice about a missing animal here.
  3. Дім Сірка SOS – A group of volunteers from the organization “Dom Sirka”, who help dogs and cats left to fend for themselves. They offer help in the form of keeping the animal for a while, material assistance, as well as transporting the pet.

“Vets for Ukraine”

Vets for Ukraine – an information hub for Ukrainian professionals and pet families. There you can find in-country veterinarians, information about temporary homes or contacts with national veterinary services. 

Additional materials

International Facebook groups: Ukrainian Rescue Appeal, Ukraine Animal Rescue, Help Ukrainian Horses