Flood in Ukraine: Aid for individuals affected by the destruction of the New Kakhovka Dam

Russian troops blew up the dam on the Dnieper River in Nova Kakhovka on June 6, 2023. Water flooded dozens of nearby towns located downstream, causing massive destruction. Houses sank, people and animals suffered – the water swept away everything in its path. The hydroelectric power plant located at the dam was completely destroyed. Thousands of affected individuals are in need of assistance.

In this article, you will find information about basic food, evacuation, and accommodation support for residents of the flooded areas. We have also provided the key hazards and a series of useful contacts. At the end of the text, there is a list of reliable fundraisers for humanitarian aid organizations operating in the flood-affected areas.

Key Hazards in the Flooded Areas

Key Hazards in the Flooded Areas: According to estimates, around 600 square kilometers of land have been flooded. Approximately 80 towns and villages are reported to be submerged, as mentioned by Caritas Poland. The evacuation of people, animals, and property is still ongoing. The major challenges for the local population include:

  • Lack of access to drinking water and food.
  • Epidemiological risks – petroleum products from the exploded dam have entered the river, causing the death of many animals in the flooded areas. Cemeteries have also been submerged.
  • Anti-personnel mines – the water swept away mines, posing a serious threat to civilians.
  • Ecological risks – at least three reserves listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) are at risk. The majority of animals in the flooded zoo perished.
  • Evacuation difficulties – evacuations in many regions are taking place under Russian shelling. Additionally, reaching residents in Russian-occupied territories is challenging. The Ukrainian army also informs that Russian occupiers in temporarily occupied towns of the Kherson Oblast only allow evacuation for individuals holding Russian passports.

Where to seek assistance? Support for residents of the flooded areas

Important contacts for residents of Kherson

  • Kherson OVA hotline: 0 800 330 951 or 091 481 78 45.
  • Kherson MBA hotline: 050 040 44 24 or 098 958 17 90.
  • Information regarding missing persons: 0 800 339 247.
  • Emergency services: 101 (DSNS), 102 (police), 103 (emergency medical assistance).
  • Animal rescue: [email protected], 0509433635, or 0963488070.

Operational information (Telegram): https://t.me/khersonskaODA

Information about evacuation from the flooded areas

All entities organizing evacuations from the flooded areas can be found on the Palyanytsya website. Below, we provide some useful contact numbers.

  • Vostok SOS assistance in evacuations for Kherson residents:
    • Toll-free hotline: 0 800 332 614.
    • Viber: +38 099 710 48 72, +38 099 311 53 14.
    • Telegram: +38 096 108 60 48.
  • “Helping to Leave” assists in evacuations from the Kherson region. It provides information about departing trains. Useful information can be found at this link. The organization urges people to bring their pets to the evacuation site. If not possible, they should allow them to escape freely for a chance of survival.

Food delivery for flood victims in Ukraine

Mobile distribution teams, including the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, are organizing food distribution. The foundation has already provided 4,000 food packages to residents of the Kherson Oblast.

Individuals residing in the flooded areas or those who have been evacuated can contact the foundation’s toll-free hotline at 📞0 (800) 509 001 or via Messenger.

You can also find a list of organizations providing food assistance, compiled by Palyanytsya, at this link.

Accommodation for residents of flooded areas

The Dream Hostel network offers free accommodation in 6-person rooms for migrants from the Kherson region in three hostels in Kyiv, Lviv, and Khust in Zakarpattia. For detailed information, contact 📞+38(096)447-83-40 or email 📧 [email protected].

For more information about organizations offering assistance in finding temporary accommodation, refer to this link.

Compensation for those affected by the dam explosion

Residents of affected settlements may be eligible for compensation for their destroyed homes as part of the eRecovery repair program, announced by the Ministry of Reintegration. The government is currently determining the flood zone, and one-time financial assistance for flood victims will be provided soon.

How to help?

You can help by supporting trusted initiatives. In light of this specific situation, the CultureLab Foundation, creator of the Mapuj Pomoc project, has opened a fundraiser to support the humanitarian needs of people in the flood-affected regions, as well as those who have already been evacuated and are waiting to return home. The funds collected will be transferred to our Ukrainian partners to provide direct assistance to those in need.

Support the fundraiser: Aid for individuals affected by the destruction of the New Kakhovka Dam. We are raising funds for drinking water, long-term food supplies, hygiene products, medications.

We appeal for solidarity with the people of Ukraine! Every contribution is support for our neighbors and a small step further from the crisis.

Verified fundraisers are also conducted by organizations such as:

  • Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) – their team is on-site providing assistance to the affected. Their actions can be followed on the fundraiser’s website.
  • Hospitallers – a Ukrainian organization working directly on-site.
  • Helpdesk.media – Helpdesk.media collaborates with three organizations: Vostok SOS, HelpPeople (assisting in the evacuation of areas affected by the Dnieper), and Rescue Now (providing aid to people and animals affected by the floods).
  • DIOZ.pl – an organization assisting in the evacuation and treatment of animals on-site. Donations of material goods, such as carriers and cages, dry food, alcohol-based disinfectants, motorized pontoons, basic antibiotics, parasite treatments for dogs and cats, towels, and blankets can be sent to DIOZ Shelter (Wojtyszki 19, 98-277 Brąszewice). They also have a financial fundraiser.
  • Polish Center for International Aid – supporting individuals evacuated from flooded areas by distributing food, hygiene kits, blankets, bedding, underwear, and rubber boots.

An updated list of verified fundraisers to support Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in their ongoing needs is provided by the fact-checking organization Demagog and can be found here.