Expansion of the eRecovery Program – Compensation for Damages to Homes and Apartments in Ukraine

As reported by the Diia portal, even more citizens of Ukraine will be able to benefit from the eRecovery Program, which allows for obtaining financial support for the reconstruction of homes and apartments damaged as a result of military actions.

Easier Access to the Program

zniszczony dom wojna w Ukrainie

From now on, applications for financial assistance can be submitted not only through the application but also on the Diia portal, via the Administrative Services Provision Center (locally known as TsNAP, with a database of all centers in Ukraine), or through a notary, which should facilitate the procedure and completion of formalities. Importantly, to apply through TsNAP or a notary, the property ownership of the apartment must be registered in the State Register of Property Rights. It is worth remembering this, as it is a necessary condition.

What Can Financial Assistance Be Received For?

As we read on the official program’s website, assistance is available if the residential building:

  • has been damaged as a result of military actions;
  • is located in an unoccupied territory where no active military operations are ongoing;
  • is subject to renovation;
  • has not been repaired independently.

*Multi-family buildings with damaged entrances, staircases, and elevators will be restored by local governments as part of a separate program.

New Opportunities for Groups with Special Needs

Owners and co-owners of destroyed apartments who are citizens of Ukraine can apply for compensation (if the application is submitted by one of the co-owners, the others must agree to it).

Thanks to the latest changes, individuals with disabilities or minors who previously had limited access to the program will now have the opportunity to benefit from it. How? An authorized representative will be required to submit the application on behalf of the individual at the Administrative Services Provision Center or through a notary.

Additional Information

Since the launch of the eRecovery program in Ukraine, over 62,000 applications have been submitted, and more than 26,000 applicants have received financial assistance for home renovation.

eRecovery is not the only form of support available to owners of residential buildings that have suffered due to military actions. If a house has been completely destroyed, for example, one can obtain financial resources to purchase a new one. After an inspection of the property, a special commission determines the amount of compensation. More information about this form of support can be found HERE.

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