Collaboration with the Migration Academy – Our Recordings in the Course on Law and Supporting People from Particularly Vulnerable Groups

We are pleased to announce that we have started a collaboration with the Migration Academy. As a result, in one of the new courses available on this innovative educational platform, you will also find materials from Mapuj Pomoc! We warmly encourage you to take advantage of them and to broaden both your knowledge and skills in the area of migration process management.

New Course and Recordings from Our Meetings

The Migration Academy is a valuable source of information. There, you will find the following courses [available for free to registered users in Polish language]:

In the latest training materials: Support for People from Particularly Vulnerable Groups, you will also find recordings from 3 of our meetings:

  • 🎥 PoMOCna Kawa #45 – Assistance to the Romani Refugee Community
  • 🎥 PoMOCna Kawa #51 – Collective Accommodation Centers – Minimum Standards and Challenges for Poland
  • 🎥 PoMOCna Kawa #52 — The Situation of Ukrainian LGBTI+ Refugees

The course is led by Sarian Jarosz – Research Coordinator at the Migration Consortium, Olga Wojdyńska – President of the Mudita Association, and Marta Wiaderkiewicz – Program Director at the Mudita Association, personal assistant supporting the independence of people with disabilities.

Completion of the course allows for the downloading of a dedicated certificate confirming participation. To download the certificate, you must complete all lessons.

Visit our YouTube channel!

The aforementioned recordings from the PoMOCna Kawa meeting series, as well as others concerning topics like the education of children and youth from Ukraine in Poland, the safety of refugees and humanitarian workers, and employment issues of refugees, can also be found on our YouTube channel. We warmly encourage you to watch!