SeniorApp Foundation

I offer help / I need help
  • active
Street name and number
  • Narutowicza 57/2
Postal code
  • 90-130
  • Łódź
Form of legal activity
  • non governmental organization
Main area of activity
  • Administrative and legal assistance
Organisation website
Phone number
  • 727 20 70 20
Age of beneficiaries
  • Adults 19-65
  • Pensioners 65+
  • Poland
Scope of operations
  • Locally
Scope of operations - Poland
  • Łódź province
Method of operation - Poland
  • helpline
  • stationary in a single location
  • web portal
Type of services offered
  • Legal aid
Period of operation
  • temporary action
Start of operation
  • 01/07/2022
End of operation
  • 31/12/2022
Description of activities
  • The SeniorApp Foundation implements the project: “Legal support for Ukrainian citizens” as part of the Provincial Program entitled “Moce nad Łódzkie”.

    The project “Legal support for Ukrainian citizens” is aimed at people with Ukrainian citizenship who live in the Łódź Province.

    As part of the task, we provide legal assistance to Ukrainian citizens in Ukrainian and Russian in the following areas:

    • legalization (registration) of stay of Ukrainian citizens on the territory of the Republic of Poland, granting a temporary residence permit,
    • assigning a PESEL number to citizens of Ukraine,
    • social assistance provided to Ukrainian citizens by public administration bodies,
      the rights of Ukrainian citizens to family benefits, 500+ benefits, family care capital, good start benefits and co-financing of a parent’s fee reduction for a child’s stay in a nursery, social assistance benefits, healthcare benefits,
    • cash benefits for providing accommodation and meals to Ukrainian citizens,
      employment by Ukrainian citizens, registration of Ukrainian citizens as unemployed or job seekers, running a business by Ukrainian citizens,
    • employment of Ukrainian citizens from the point of view of Polish entrepreneurs,
      procedures for appointing a temporary guardian for minor citizens of Ukraine residing on the territory of the Republic of Poland without adult supervision,
    • providing foster care to minor citizens of Ukraine by Ukrainian citizens,
    • enrolling children in Polish schools, kindergartens, material assistance for students, admission to studies and continuation of studies by Ukrainian citizens,
    • lending a flat to Ukrainian citizens and concluding lease agreements with Ukrainian citizens.

    The Everyday Life Assistance Package will include the provision of assistance in legal matters relating to family law, civil law and labor law.

    Providing legal support to Ukrainian citizens does not include the preparation of pleadings or representation before courts, public administration bodies, state institutions and any other bodies.

    The project runs from July to December 2022.

    Advice will be provided at the seat of the SeniorApp Foundation, i.e. in Łódź, at 57/2 Narutowicza Street or online, using the Google Meet platform.

    We encourage you to contact our hotline 727 20 70 20 – there we will answer any bothering questions.