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Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Krasnymstawie | Municipal Public Library in Krasnystaw

Okrzei, 22-300 Krasnystaw, Polska

The most important information:

  • Polish language classes
  • learning support for students from Ukraine (Ukrainian-speaking teacher, computers and iPads, both online school and the Polish education system)
  • additional activities for children, adolescents and adults (programming, DIY, music and movement, art, general development, etc.)
  • all activities take place in the participating public libraries

Library for All. Different. Equal. Important.” is an innovative socio-educational project enabling children and adolescents, both from Ukraine and Poland, to learn, play, build relationships with one another and regain a sense of security in a difficult reality. Children and their parents and guardians from both countries can participate in innovative classes and courses, learn each other’s languages and culture. The project is implemented by the Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) in partnership with Save the Children International (SCI).

The aim of the project is to support children and adolescents, who came from Ukraine to Poland in continuing their education at Ukrainian online schools, as well as in adapting to the Polish education system and building relationships in their new environment. The program uses various forms of activities and courses that take place in libraries. Participants can also learn Polish language to be better prepared for the challenges of participating in another country’s education system and to feel more comfortable in a new environment, being able to establish fruitful social, educational and professional life in an extreme situation they found themselves in.

More information can be found on the project website:

Category of aid

  • Language Classes
  • Training & Workshops
Cultural & Integration Activities
Cultural & Integration Activities
    Country / Region:
    • Poland
    • Lublin province

    Who is the help for?

    Age group
    • Children
    • Youth
    • Adults
    • Elderly

    Activity details

    Form of legal activity
    • public administration
    Period of operation
    • temporary action


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    Date of last data update
    • 8 March 2023