Innovation Eagle 2023 for Mapuj Pomoc

Our CultureLab Foundation has been awarded the Eagle of Innovation 2023 [Orzeł Innowacji 2023] for the Mapuj Pomoc project! In the ninth edition of the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ competition, we were recognized as a ‘solution that contributes to social development, supports marginalized people, and has an impact on sustainable development’.

Mapuj Pomoc as a solution for the common good

“The ‘Eagle of Innovation’ is a competition in which ‘Rzeczpospolita’ recognizes the most innovative Polish companies and solutions. For eight years, the newspaper has been promoting modern and groundbreaking projects. This year, ‘Rzeczpospolita’ selected winners in six categories. In one of them—’Solution for the Common Good’—our foundation received the main prize for the Mapuj Pomoc project.

We received the award as an innovative project for the common good on May 24, 2023, at the InfoShare gala in Gdańsk. Alongside the CultureLab Foundation, ‘Rzeczpospolita’ recognized 21 other winners in six categories.

We thank the organizers for acknowledging our commitment and efforts that the Mapuj Pomoc team has been making for a year. We also thank our partners,Mercy Corps and Americares, and also agency, without whom the development of the project would not be possible!

Innovative Aid Platform

The primary goal of Mapuj Pomoc, implemented since the onset of the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine in 2022 until today, was to map out aid initiatives for Ukrainian refugees. Thanks to a single, nationwide aid platform, those in need can quickly and conveniently find support, while the actions of local organizations are more visible, updated, and accessible. In this way, Mapuj Pomoc addresses the problems of both refugees and aid organizations. “People working at information points, reception desks, foundation employees, associations, etc., also use Mapuj Pomoc. The platform allows them to conveniently and quickly obtain important information from any region of the country,” we read on the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ website.

The competition jury appreciated not only the aid map but also the full scope of our informational activities. They pointed out that to find an aid point, “one simply needs to specify their needs (material—food, financial assistance, etc., or service-based—legal help, psychological help, etc.) and the region of the country where they are located. In the NEWS tab, there are also articles related to educational, linguistic, medical support, and many other issues.”

Highlights from the awards ceremony

You can read about Mapuj Pomoc and other recognized projects in the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ article: ‘We Have Met the Winners of the Eagle of Innovation Awards.’ Below, we are also providing a link to the video coverage of the awards ceremony (in the second part of the recording, there is a segment of an interview with the president of our foundation and the initiator of Mapuj Pomoc, Monika Miłowska).