I am a mum in Poland. A guide for migrant women expecting a baby in Poland

Pregnancy is a special time. It is full of challenges for every woman, especially if it is experienced far from home. In Poland, where more and more migrant women are expecting the birth of their children, it is crucial to ensure that they have access to adequate information and support. The publication ‘I am a mum in Poland’ aims to provide basic information about the Polish health care system and emotional support for mothers-to-be.

Jestem mamą w Polsce informator

Chapter 1: Child Development and Changes in the Mother

The first months of pregnancy are a time of dynamic change for both the developing baby and the mother-to-be. In the first chapter of our publication, we highlight the importance of taking care of physical and emotional health, which is the foundation of a healthy pregnancy. We also discuss which emotions may accompany pregnancy in a foreign country and how to deal with them.

Chapter 2: Medical care in Poland

In Poland, the system of care for pregnant women and infants is well organised. In this part of the study, we present a calendar of check-ups, preventive services and standards of perinatal care. It is important that mothers-to-be are aware of the available medical services and use them for their safety and health.

Chapter 3: Preparing for Childbirth

Childbirth is an event that requires adequate preparation. In chapter three, we cover topics such as choosing a midwife or doctor, creating a birth plan and practical aspects such as packing a bag for the hospital.

Chapter 4: Childbirth in Poland

Childbirth in Poland may differ from what migrant women from other countries are used to. It is therefore important for them to be aware of these differences. In this part of the brochure we discuss birthing procedures, pain relief methods and obstetric interventions.

Chapter 5: After Childbirth

The after childbirth period is a time of adaptation and change, so we also cover this topic in the publication. We write about the baby’s first checkups, emotions and relationships after birth, as well as the challenges and joys of breastfeeding.

Chapter 6: Rights and Support for Migrant Women

Awareness of the rights and available forms of support for migrant women is also an important aspect. We provide information on free medical assistance, labour law, maternity leave and other important legal matters.

We encourage humanitarian workers and staff to read this guide and use the knowledge gained in their work with pregnant migrants. Our aim is to ensure that every mother-to-be feels safe, informed and supported during this unique period of her life.

All the information, with more detailed explanations and advice, can be found in our brochure, available for free by completing the form under this LINK.

The publication is available in four languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

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Weronika Brączek – Project Coordinator

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