Are you a refugee looking for help? Are you an institution and you want to reach those in need? Are you helping and need support for your organization?  The MapujPomoc.pl search engine will be a valuable tool for you. Thanks to it you can:

  • find local help centers in any region of the country;
  • add your organization’s profile, and then:
    • place an I OFFER HELP announcement;
    • place an I NEED HELP announcement.

Who may open an account on MapujPomoc.pl?

A portal account may be opened by, among others, educational facilities, non-governmental organizations, institutions, local aid centers, reception points, community centers, night shelters, as well as companies assisting refugees from Ukraine. In other words: Help Map brings together all organized assistance activities.

What about individual assistance initiatives?

If you wish to help those in need individually, e.g. as a cultural or language assistant, doctor, lawyer, driver, etc. – fill out your personal information HERE. CultureLab Foundation will keep this data in the database and inform the support centers in the given district about your initiative.

How to create an organizational account on the portal and be seen on the map?

Registering in MapujPomoc.pl is simple and intuitive:

  • go to the REGISTER page;
  • fill out your basic information and accept the terms and conditions.

After setting up your account, you may now place announcements. To do that you should:

Two types of announcements can be added to the portal: “I OFFER HELP” and “I NEED HELP”. Every institution is able to inform as to where, to whom and to what extent assistance is offered and thus become more visible – to those in need and to large humanitarian aid organizations. We take into account both material assistance (food, personal hygiene products, toys, medicines, furniture, etc.) and services assistance (psychological and language support, additional activities, accommodation, transportation, etc.).

At the same time, any registered organization can also inform about their current needs, and thus increase their effectiveness and establish various forms of cooperation. In the registration form, you can also describe your activity, add a link to the website and place your help point on the map.

IMPORTANT! A newly-published announcement will appear in the “My account” tab and on the help map only after it has been confirmed by the administrator. Acceptance of the announcement takes up to 12 hours.

Can announcements be edited and are multiple announcements allowed?

Every organization may publish announcements offering assistance, as well as those asking for support (e.g. a given institution offers clothes and food and is looking for volunteers at the same time). It is possible to add several advertisements – e.g. if there are multiple assistance centers. Editing the shared content is not only possible but also advisable. This keeps all information up-to-date and useful.

How to use the search engine?

If you are a refugee from Ukraine and are looking for help, go to the MAP tab. There you will find your information center. Select the “FIND HELP” option and specify your needs and age. You can browse assistance centers by selecting a specific region, facility type, or phrase. At the same time, you can also look for assistance by clicking on selected points on the map and choosing the “View more …” option.


The MapujPomoc.pl project is supported with knowledge and experience by CultureLab Foundation, OttimoAPPS, Mohi.to and Tech To The Rescue.