Lena Grochowska Foundation – Refugee Home Łódź

I offer help / I need help
  • active
Street name and number
  • Okoniowa 16
Postal code
  • 91-498
  • Łódź
Form of legal activity
  • non governmental organization
Main area of activity
  • Temporary accommodation for Ukrainians / night shelters
Fundraiser website / website detailing your activities
  • rszadziuk@fundacjalenygrochowskiej.pl
Phone number
  • +48 530 795 403
Age of beneficiaries
  • Preschoolers 4-6
  • Infants 0-3
  • Adults 19-65
  • School children 7-18
  • Pensioners 65+
  • University students 19-24
  • Poland
Scope of operations
  • Locally
Method of operation - Poland
  • stationary in a single location
Type of services offered
  • Accommodation
Period of operation
  • permanent operation
Description of activities
  • We opened Refugee Homes (for long-term stays) in Ożarów Mazowiecki, Konstancin, Siedlce, Lublin and Łódź. We provide houses with multi-person rooms, with a shared kitchen space, dining rooms, bathrooms, common rooms, and workshop rooms. Residents stay there free of charge and the length of stay is unlimited. Our guests are mainly women with children. Men live with us in special, permissible cases. Refugee Homes operate according to the rules set out in the regulations we have created. We do not provide hotel services in them, and their proper functioning depends on the participation and involvement of residents. Each of them is obliged to participate in the duties of cleaning, cooking, childcare, etc.

    Some places are intended for children and adults with disabilities.

    We would like to kindly inform you that free accommodation is available to people who have a certificate issued by border reception offices.

Scope of operations - Poland
  • Łódź province