Evacuation of the most vulnerable people out of the war danger zones in Ukraine & relief supplies.

Who we help:
Women, children and elderly people in Ukraine.

We focus on vulnerable individuals that are unable to escape on their own, such as families with small, autistic or handicapped children, immobilized individuals, highly pregnant women or similar individuals.

We help people leave Kramatorsk and accommodate them in Germany. We inform about the possibility of organized transportation of 5-6 people once every two days exclusively (!) by prior appointment.

EvacuAid initiative in collaboration with the Gsilla von Boeselager Foundation Osteuropahilfe, governments, logistics companies, security services and the Maltese Cross Society

Category of aid

Health Care
Health Care
    Country / Region:
    • Ukraine
    • All of Ukraine

    Who is the help for?

    Age group
    • Children
    • Youth
    • Adults
    • Elderly
    Support for vulnerable groups
    • People with disabilities
    • Single mothers
    • Large families

    Activity details

    Form of legal activity
    • informal group
    Type of facility
    • Reception Point
    Period of operation
    • permanent operation


    Date of last data update
    • 8 March 2023

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