About us

What is Mapuj Pomoc?

Mapuj Pomoc is a portal where you can find various forms of support and the most important information, advice and guidance for refugees from Ukraine. In the MAP tab you will easily and quickly locate assistance centers – both those in larger cities, as well as those in smaller towns. Just specify your needs and the region of the country you are located in. Under the NEWS tab, you will have a chance to read articles on educational, linguistic and medical support, and much more.

What can be found on the map?

On the MAP you will find facilities providing material and service assistance aimed at refugees from Ukraine. So far, we have mapped more than 1,000 points of support and highlighted more than 40 categories of offered assistance: material (food, clothing, medicine, financial support, and others) and services (psychological, legal, medical, language, job-search support and others). In our database you will also find addresses of useful Internet portals and several numbers of free hotlines. We collect information on both real-world activities and online ones. Moreover, we update our information on a regular basis.

How to use the search engine?

screen wyszukiwarki Mapuj Pomoc

You can view data from the Mapuj Pomoc database by using such filters, as:

When you put the information into the search fields, specific assistance centers will appear on the map, and some additional information will be visible on the right-hand side (main area of activity, email address, phone number). To check the details, click on the “More” button next to the entry you are interested in.

What can you find in the News section?

In the News section you will find articles created by the Mapuj Pomoc team. We try to present some key pieces of information that would be useful for refugees from Ukraine. We write about the activities of aid organizations, provide links to important publications and videos, clarify problematic issues, and provide advice. We address such issues as assistance for refugees with disabilities, where to get help in learning the Polish language or offer support in the field of education. Take a look at our NEWS section and stay up to date!

Does Mapuj Pomoc organize individual humanitarian aid?

Unfortunately, not. Mapuj Pomoc does not help individuals financially or in kind. We support refugees by providing information. Our portal offers verified and always up-to-date information on more than 1,000 organizations that help refugees on a daily basis. Therefore, if you are looking for support for yourself and/or your family, we ask that you use our database and check out the MAP.