“The Hearts, Hands and Minds for Ukraine” project aims for specialists trained in the Positum MGS method to start group activities for children from Poland and Ukraine, with the aim of increasing the resilience and sense of well-being of participants. The specialists can count on the substantive and super-visionary support of the method’s creator Etion Parruca. Professionals who will work with Ukrainian children in the future are also being trained.

Category of aid

Cultural & Integration Activities
Cultural & Integration Activities
    • Training & Workshops
    Country / Region:
    • Poland
    • All of Poland

    Who is the help for?

    Age group
    • Children
    • Youth

    Activity details

    Form of legal activity
    • non governmental organisation
    Period of operation
    • permanent operation


    Organisation website
    Website detailing your activities
    Date of last data update
    • 13 March 2023

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