SEMA Ukraine represents Ukrainian women who have suffered from sexual and gender-based violence (hereafter referred to as SGON) as a result of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine and maintain an active civic stance.

What is our mission?

  1. The eradication of sexual and gender-based violence as a weapon of war.
  2. Protecting the rights, freedoms, and social interests of women affected by war-related SGON. Assisting in addressing the economic, social, cultural, psychological, and other issues of its members.

What are our objectives and areas of activity?

  1. Raising public awareness about the realities, causes, and consequences of SGON during the armed conflict (war) in Ukraine;
  2. Supporting a safe platform for those who experienced SGON during the war, so they can come together and discuss sexual and gender-based violence during wartime and related issues;
  3. Promoting a holistic care model for victims that combines psychosocial, legal support, and the development of means for medical assistance;
  4. Advocating against the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.

What do we do?

  1. We unite and support women who experienced SGON during the war in Ukraine;
  2. We advocate through collaboration with state authorities, local governance bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations of various ownership types, establishing partnership relations with other civic organizations, movements, foundations registered in Ukraine or abroad, citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, and/or stateless persons;
  3. We document testimonies (and assist in documenting testimonies) and inform the public about the crimes of the occupiers at both national and international levels to prevent the use of SGON as a weapon of war;
  4. We strive to hold those responsible for SGON during the war accountable;
  5. We conduct informational and educational activities;
  6. We search for and incorporate new victims into our network;
  7. We organize assistance for SGON victims (including social, legal, medical, and other support for such persons) as well as health and material support measures for the victims themselves and their families, especially children.

Category of aid

Legal Aid
Legal Aid
    Health Care
    Health Care
    • Information (helplines, websites)
    Information Sources
    Information Sources
    • Psychological Support
    • Health Care
    Psychological Support
    Psychological Support
      • Gender-based Violence / Domestic Violence
      Country / Region:
      • Ukraine
      • All of Ukraine

      Who is the help for?

      Age group
      • Children
      • Youth
      • Adults
      • Elderly

      Activity details

      Form of legal activity
      • non governmental organization
      Mode of operation
      • online
      • helpline
      Assistance offered in language
      • Ukrainian
      Period of operation
      • permanent operation
      Date of last data update
      • 25 October 2023

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