HELSI для Пацієнтів / HELSI for Patients

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  • Київ
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  • Adults 19-65
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  • Helsi.me has updated the format of online doctor consultations for all Ukrainians. From now on for free:
    🔹 admission to doctors of all specialties in both public and private medical institutions without referral and declaration for online admission;
    🔹 an appointment with a doctor regardless of his location.
    Online consultations are free for traffic for all Kyivstar subscribers. And medical subscribers of the operator, who are in “hot” zones and whose numbers are entered in the Helsi.me register of medical workers, receive 300 additional minutes for calls to the numbers of other Ukrainian operators and have access to unlimited Internet for 30 days from the date of billing without additional payment.
    Stay healthy and safe!💙