The refugees are staying in a rehabilitation center run by the Ilios Sun of Happiness Foundation. They use rooms adapted to their needs.

Category of aid

Housing & Shelter
  • Collective Center
Country / Region:
  • Poland

Who is the help for?

Age group
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Elderly

Activity details

Form of legal activity
  • non-governmental organization
Type of facility
  • Collective Centre
Mode of operation
  • in-person
Assistance offered in language
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • English
Period of operation
  • permanent operation

Collective accommodation center - details

Total number of beds in the collective center
  • 100
Available spaces
  • private rooms
Maximum length of stay in the centre
  • over 6 months
Coordinating entity of the collective center
  • governor (Voivode)
Adaptation to the needs of people with disabilities
  • No
Fee for stay
  • No
Distance from important public facilities
  • Hospital/Health Care Center: 0-2 km
  • School/Preschool: 0-2 km
  • City/Municipality office: 0-2 km
Allocation criteria
  • Do ośrodka można zgłosić sie bezpośrednio.
Additional services provided at the collective center
  • free meals
  • psychological support
  • legal advice
  • career counselling
Consent to publish the collective center on the map
  • Yes


Organization website
Date of last data update
  • 5 July 2024

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