Foundation for Freedom

I offer help / I need help
  • active
Street name and number
  • Ordynacka 9
Postal code
  • 00-364
  • Warszawa
Form of legal activity
  • non governmental organization
Main area of activity
  • Integration and education activities carried out by
  • Other organizations
  • Providing information
Method of operation - Poland
  • stationary in a single location
Phone number
  • +48 724 446 288; +48 724 621 184
Age of beneficiaries
  • Infants 0-3
  • Preschoolers 4-6
  • School children 7-18
  • University students 19-24
  • Adults 19-65
  • Pensioners 65+
  • Poland
Scope of operations
  • Locally
Scope of operations - Poland
  • Mazovian province
Type of services offered
  • Information
  • Job search assistance
  • Polish language classes
  • Psychologist
  • Cultural, entertainment or integration activities
  • Afterschool activities for children
  • Other workshops / training opportunities
Period of operation
  • permanent operation
Description of activities
  • Foreigners are at the center of our interests and we address the most important activities to them. We promote the diversity of cultures and worldviews. We work for the integration and improvement of the situation of refugees, migrants, women and other groups at risk of exclusion.

    Support for refugees and women refugees from Ukraine:

    We are currently running a support point for adults, mainly women (orientation, language and other workshops), and from July 1, 2022, at ul. Chmielna 85, we are opening a day-care center for children. Both projects are carried out with partners who complement our activities, including for psychological help.

    We offer consultations, support in finding a job and a flat, orientation courses, and learning Polish.

    In addition, the foundation runs a permanent after-school club for children with the experience of forced migration at the Dębak-Podkowa Leśna center for foreigners, as well as integration and other activities supporting refugees in the local community.