Bолонтерська Oрганізація Харкову Мир / Volunteer Organization Peace for Kharkiv

I offer help / I need help
  • active
Street name and number
  • -
Postal code
  • -
  • Харків
Form of legal activity
  • non governmental organization
Main area of activity
  • Material or financial support
Organisation website
Fundraiser website / website detailing your activities
  • admin@kharkovumyr.org
Age of beneficiaries
  • Pensioners 65+
  • Preschoolers 4-6
  • University students 19-24
  • Adults 19-65
  • Infants 0-3
  • School children 7-18
Scope of operations
  • Locally
Period of operation
  • permanent operation
Description of activities
  • Voluntarily created non-governmental organization “Kharkov Mir” was started with the aim of providing humanitarian aid to the residents of Kharkiv who suffered as a result of military operations by the Russian Federation. To achieve this goal, the Organization, among other things, attracts charitable assistance from foreign partners. At the moment, the organization is engaged in providing humanitarian aid to the residents of Kharkiv, ensuring their basic needs.