Assistance to families of people with disabilities – respite care Warsaw / MUDITA

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  • active
Street name and number
  • Podczaszyńskiego 12
Postal code
  • 01-866
  • Warszawa
Form of legal activity
  • non governmental organization
Main area of activity
  • Integration and education activities carried out by
  • Other organizations
Fundraiser website / website detailing your activities
Name and surname of representative
  • Małgorzata Grosfeld
Position in organisation
  • Koordynatorka ukraińskiej asystentury wytchnieniowej
Age of beneficiaries
  • Preschoolers 4-6
  • School children 7-18
  • University students 19-24
  • Adults 19-65
  • Pensioners 65+
  • Poland
Scope of operations
  • Locally
Scope of operations - Poland
  • Mazovian province
Method of operation - Poland
  • stationary in a single location
Type of services offered
  • Assistant for people with disabilities
  • Volunteer
Period of operation
  • permanent operation
Description of activities
  • Support for families of people with disabilities – Ukrainian respite care

    We give support and respite to the loved ones of people with disabilities, because we know how important a moment of respite is for every parent or carer/caregiver.

    Take a break while we take care of your loved ones!

    In the programme, we pair families with assistants/assistants who volunteer to make regular arrangements to spend time with a child or adult with a disability. Most often this is once a week for 2-3 hours. A few hours of such support a month is invaluable time to relax, have a coffee, talk to friends or run errands for loved ones of people with disabilities. With the presence of an assistant/assistant, other family members can relax, take care of themselves or run their own errands.

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