Волонтерська Спілка «Поруч» / Volunteer Union «Поруч»

I offer help / I need help
  • active
Street name and number
  • -
Postal code
  • -
  • Київ
Form of legal activity
  • informal group
Main area of activity
  • Integration and education activities carried out by
  • Healthcare / psychological support
  • Material or financial support
  • Other organizations
Organisation website
  • https://www.facebook.com/spilkaporuch
Age of beneficiaries
  • Infants 0-3
  • Preschoolers 4-6
  • School children 7-18
  • University students 19-24
  • Adults 19-65
  • Pensioners 65+
  • Ukraine
Scope of operations
  • Locally
Scope of operations - Ukraine
  • Kyiv region
Method of operation - Ukraine
  • stationary in a single location
Type of material or in-kind aid offered
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Hygiene products (soap, diapers, personal hygiene)
  • Medicines, dressing materials
Type of services offered
  • Psychologist
  • Cultural, entertainment or integration activities
  • Afterschool activities for children
Period of operation
  • permanent operation
Description of activities
  • The charitable organization “Volunteer Union “Nearby” helps people in need who suffered from military aggression and the war in Ukraine.

    1. “IDPs of Ukraine” – help refugees from hot spots to start life in a new city. They provide food, bedding, dishes, hygiene products, etc.

    2. “Поруч-space” – a project of psychological support and assistance in the socialization and adaptation of internally displaced persons from hot spots.
    – free psychological help for children
    – free master classes and creative circles

    3. Humanitarian missions to the country’s East – arrange humanitarian missions to the East and deliver parcels to hot spots.